About SquareBit

A modern digital product platform.

Built with passion, coffee, and ping pong.

"That doesn't exist?"

SquareBit got started when we realized online marketplaces were stuck in early 2005.

Working in the software industry, we saw a few pain points:

  1. We don't want to download Zip archives.
    Version control systems exist, why do we get product updates as Zip archives? Let's type git pull and be done.
  2. Products are more than just a single code base
    Hypothetical: your e-commerce plugin provides a standard and enterprise version. Both versions have 6 variations which correspond to different e-commerce platform versions. That's not a crazy use-case, managing it shouldn't be crazy either.
  3. I need product feedback and easy customer support
    As a creator, I want to spend my time creating, and less time not doing that. I should be able to easily talk to my customers, collect feedback, and provide support when needed. Better yet, offer a discussion forum so customers can help each other too.
  4. Don't take all my money with your fees
    Product platforms take a staggering amount in fees. Storage costs money, so do developers, and we get it. But taking 30-50% of all income is just too much, especially when considering taxes. Why should creators get 20% of their price when all fees are considered? That's nuts.


SquareBit is founded by a two-guy, best-friend, type of team.

John Oechsner

Thought Graham and Dodd's Security Analysis was an interesting book.

Once rode 500 miles on a $1,500 bike to buy a $500 car.

Second-best Super Smash Bros player

Zachary Schuessler

Missed the boat on being a professional Hearthstone player.

Amateur science fiction writer.

Best Super Smash Bros player. Has also blocked John from editing this page.

Let's Work Together!

We are open to feedback, and want to work with awesome creators to build cool things.

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