Sell Digital Products

SquareBit is a product platform stacked high with features.

You get the best rates, the most features, and the happiest customers.

Create Any Number of Products

Authors can create any number of digital products, with instant access to Git.

Git Power

Make use of tags, branches, and releases.

Customers see Git activity instantly.

Powerful Editing Tools

Get full access to HTML and image editing options.

Three Product Types

Need something simple? Charge a one-time fee or a subscription price.

Use variation products to create alternative versions of your product. You get a Git repository for each version!

Each Product, A Community

Get feedback from users and allow users to engage in discussion with each other.

Enjoy Helping Customers

Customer support is simple as pie!

The Best Rates

SquareBit has the most features at the best rates!

CodeCanyon & ThemeForest Start at 55%

CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, and other Envato products start at 55% for non-exclusive items. When you factor in taxes for the United States, you walk home with 20% of the price you charge. That feels wrong.

Envato offers incentives for successful authors. If you do $50,000 in sales, you'll get the same rate SquareBit offers. Oof!

CreativeMarket is a Flat 30%

CreativeMarket takes a flat 30%. They don't have the same editing tools or super-cool Git support.

GumRoad is between 5-20%

If you're looking solely at price, GumRoad is a great deal! We encourage you to take a look.

GumRoad prides itself on a simple experience. Unfortunately, that means a lack of features. You won't get version control, product page tools, or other features.

SquareBit is a flat 10% fee, plus $0.30 per transaction

No hidden fees, we like to keep it simple!