Announcing SquareBit: A Git-Powered Marketplace

SquareBit is officially in an open beta. Let's create stuff together!


SquareBit is a Git-powered digital marketplace.

Today the team announces open beta access to all. Hurrah!

Why Another Marketplace?

Some great product platforms exist. We're fans of Gumroad, Creative Market, ThemeForest, and others. They're great!

Why another marketplace?

Deep Git Integration


SquareBit has deep integration with Git. It's the coolest version control system this side of the Mississippi.

A few of our favorite features for buyers:

  1. Use Git for updates
    No more downloading Zip archives & manually updating. (Unless you want to)

  2. Get specific versions with branches and tags
    Follow different product versions with branches, or get a specific release by checking out a tag.

  3. Use package managers
    Do you use a package manager like Composer or npm? Use the product Git URL to get automatic updates.

And creators, you have a lot to look forward too:

  1. Use your own Git workflow
    We don't force you to use any workflow. Use Git as you would normally and release and how you see fit.

  2. Team collaboration
    Add other SquareBit users as collaborators to give them push access to your product

  3. Easy management for complex products
    Sell products at a fixed price or via subscription. Use product variations to offer multiple versions of the same product under different terms & prices.

Better Pricing


Here's a quick look at what other marketplaces charge authors, as of November 2017:

Marketplace Fees
ThemeForest Up to 55%, plus buyer fees tacked on
See Fees Page
CodeCanyon Up to 55%, plus buyer fees tacked on
See Fees Page
CreativeMarket 30%
See Fees Page
Gumroad Free plan: Each transaction is 8.5% - 18.5% + $0.30
Paid plan: $10 - $250 per month, each transaction is 8.5% - 14.5% + $0.30
See Fees Page  

In the case of ThemeForest's highest rate, authors walk home with ~20% total income after US taxes are applied. That's crazy!

SquareBit is a Flat 10% + $0.30

SquareBit wants you to swim in a lake of gold like Scrooge McDuck, so let's keep it simple.

A flat 10% + $0.30 per transaction gives creators the storage, Git repository, and customer management tools they need to succeed. No hidden fees. 

Watcha waitin' for? Let's build cool stuff together, register now!