Author’s Guide

This is the complete guide to selling a product on Let’s get started!

First, an Introduction

If you’re here by now, it means you are interested in Thanks for considering us as your platform!

Our philosophy is “be good to creators.” was started because larger marketplaces just charge too much. And the tools to manage products just aren’t where they should be in modern times.

We listen to all feedback with enthusiasm. Think fees are too high? Need a feature, big or small? Contact me directly at or submit a message on the contact page.

Before You Start requires that you have a valid tax ID and bank account in one of the supported countries:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Creating Your First Product

First you will need an account. You can register an account for free by clicking the button below:

Registration Page

Next you will verify your email address and gain access to your dashboard.

Submit Tax Information

Before creating a product you must first enter your tax information. This is a requirement by US law and is part of “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations marketplaces must abide by. Specifically, accepting money on your behalf requires we know who you are.

Take special note: all private data is stored securely by, the payment processor which powers Your business EIN or personal ID numbers are never stored. The information submitted is immediately sent to Stripe for secure storage. Once submitted we have no way of reading or knowing what your personally identifying data is.

Author Settings Page

Choosing a Product Type

Creators can choose from fixed, subscription, and variation products. Choose wisely! Products cannot change type once they are created.

Fixed Products

Fixed products allow a customer to pay a single price once, granting access to your product's Git repository forever.

Fixed-price products must be at least $5 in cost.

You’re free to change the price of your product after creating it.

Subscription Products

Subscription products require that a user pays a monthly subscription price to retain Git access.

This product type also allows for an “initiation” price - which is a fixed-fee that the user pays once when ordering the product. As an example, a creator could charge $15 upfront for their product, then charge $5/month afterward.

The subscription price and initiation price both must be at least $5.

If a customer cancels their subscription, they lose Git access. The customer may download the product via their dashboard, but the download will contain source code as of the last date they had access.

Variation Products

A variation product gives a creator up to five separate Git repositories to create different versions of their product. Most commonly this is used as a way to offer a “basic” and “premium” version of the same product.

Since a variation product is made up of multiple fixed and subscription products, they abide by the same rules as these product types do.

Uploading Your Product Files

Immediately after creating a product you will have access to a Git repository. You can find this Git repository location on the “Git” tab of your product edit screen.

If you are already familiar with Git you are free to push your code. Make note that once you are ready to publish, you will need to change your product visibility to “public”.

If you are not familiar with Git, have no fear! You can ramp up and get your product live in 30 minutes flat.

Collecting Payouts

It’s time to go get sales! Once you accrue an amount over $50 you become eligible for a bank transfer.

Ensure you have a connected bank account in your Author Settings page. If you don’t we will hold the funds until a valid bank account is connected. takes a fee of 10% + $0.30 per transaction. This amount will be reflected on your payouts page.

Payouts are conducted on the first of every month.