What is Git?

Git is a technology used to describe what happened between two changes. It's popular in software engineering, but also used to track changes to design assets, e-books, and other digital things.

git use case

Why Use It?

For users like yourself, Git is useful for two main reasons.

#1 - Faster Updates

Getting updates for your purchases is easy as typing a single command on your computer. You don't even have to open your browser! All you have to do is type git pull into a command prompt.

git usage example

In the example above, Git did all the hard work for you. Pretty neat!

#2 - Full Transparency

Because Git shows a detailed view of every change, you will know exactly how creators are altering your product.

  • Software engineers like this because they can understand how changes will affect their code base.
  • Ebook readers like this because they can see errata.
  • Designers like this because they can see how designs have changed with each update.

Installing Git

Ready to Git started? Great! The first step is download the Git software for your operating system.

Download & Install Git

If you don't have experience with the command line, you will want to download a program that gives a graphical interface. You can see these below:

See Git Graphical User Interfaces

Installing Git

If you installed a graphical user interface, you can skip this section. Instead follow the instructions for the program you installed.

For command line users, installation and basic usage instructions can be found here:

Git Installation Instructions

Using Git to Download SquareBit Products

After Git is installed you can start using it to download and update SquareBit products.

If you installed a graphical user interface for Git, instead follow the guide that program offers. This section is for command line users only.

Downloading a Product for The First Time

Here's an example of using git clone to download any SquareBit product you have active access to.

git clone https://cdn.squarebit.io/fakeuser/fake-project.git

The command git clone simply says "I'd like to download a Git project for the first time.

Updating a Cloned Product

What happens when you want to get updates? Since clone is to first download the project, we don't use that again. Instead we use the git pull command.

git pull

Issue the git pull command above into your command line. Note that you must be in the current working directory of the product, otherwise Git won't know which project you want to update!

Git: Optional

Git is extremely useful. If you don't want to use Git, feel free to download your products through your order screen instead.