Terms & Privacy Policy

Using SquareBit requires you to agree to terms.

We aren't lawyers, so we will use plain English.

Privacy Policy

SquareBit uses third parties you should know about:

  1. Google Analytics
    For collection of analytics data
  2. Stripe
    For handling payments
  3. SendGrid
    For sending email
  4. Olark
    For real-time chat with website vistiors
  5. Sentry.io
    For logging of server, website, and application errors

Here's a short list of what happens with your data:

  1. Your payment details are never stored on our servers. Instead, Stripe handles this interaction.
    By using SquareBit, you also agree to Stripe's terms & policy rules: https://stripe.com/us/legal
  2. Your password is one-way encrypted with AES-256, and tastily hashed and salted. Even our own developers cannot see what your password is.
  3. Your data is never shared directy from our team to third parties for marketing purposes. If you buy a product, some information, like your name and email, are shared with the author. We share as little as possible with authors to mitigate privacy risk.
  4. You'll never receive a newsletter from us (unless you want to), and you can manage your notification options in your profile.

Of course, third party services have their own terms and privacy statements. If you're concerned with the data they may or may not collect, please give their respective documents a read.

Terms of Use

Term Acceptance

By registering for an account, you agree to these terms.

Your Account

You are responsible for security of your account. Tell us immediately if you believe unauthorized use of your account too place. We can't be responsible for loss or damage that comes as a result of using your account.


Don't attempt to make or use exploits, or otherwise try to reverse engineer this website. If you see something you believe to be vulnerable, get in touch. Note that this does not give permission to explicitly look for vulnerabilities.

Content Ownership

You are liable for all claims to ownership of the content you provide. If you sell illegal content, you're liable for that. We don't own your content; you keep all rights to all text, code and assets you create.

Don't upload illegal stuff. No pornographic content, illegal drugs, gambling, or other naughty things.


We will help you as quickly and efficiently as we can, but there is no guarantee on the support provided or overall timeline.


Any suggestions or content given as feedback can be used free of charge. So, if you offer a suggestion about a feature you'd like to see, we can use that idea and implement it.

Be nice

Don't be mean to other users. No hate speech or anything your mother wouldn't like.

These Terms

These terms change without notice, it's on you to stay updated.

We reserve the right to cancel any account or edit any content that violates policy.


If you have a dispute with an author or customer, both parties are responsible for resolving the issue without assistance of SquareBit staff. SquareBit will attempt to ameliorate all situations but has no obligation to do so.

If you have a dispute with SquareBit, we both pay for our own legal counsel, and all associated fees, if legal recourse is required.

Items Not Covered

If a term or policy is not covered here, or if something is unclear, you are required to contact us for clarification.


Customers can receive a refund after going through a support request. This process requires a quick discussion on why the refund is necessary. The time window for making a refund request is 24 hours, and the ultimate decision is up to the SquareBit staff. We don't want to keep money from unhappy customers; we will only deny refunds if the request is fraudulent, deceptive, or designed to cheat another user