Dovetail - Teamwork API for Laravel

Premium Teamwork API for Laravel 5

A API for Laravel 5

Dovetail is a Laravel 5 API that interacts with your existing account.  😀

Create, update, delete, and access all data in a beautifully fluent API.


Cool, huh? Check out the Dovetail API Request Cheatsheet to see everything you can do.


It's nice knowing that code won't break with a new release. All new functionality added is accompanied with unit tests.

Dovetail Comes With 79 Unit Tests

  • All releases go through the stringent unit test suite before going live.
  • You can verify test accuracy by running php artisan dovetail:test in your project directory!


All code classes and methods are well-documented with PHPDoc. We have a quickstart guide, API cheat sheet, and other guides to get your team ramped up quickly.

Full PHPDoc Support

Never look up another method call again! The fluent API makes use of code hinting of popular IDEs to autocomplete as you type.


Easy Onboarding & Support

Dovetail Quickstart Guide

Getting started is a snap. Add Dovetail to your Composer configuration and get running in 5 minutes flat.

Dovetail API Cheatsheat 

See a full pocketbook reference of all API requests, parameters, and responses.

If you have questions, ask our team directly through's support system.


Dovetail has some features outlined for the future.

Have something you'd like to see? Suggest something through the ticketing system after your order!

Webhook Support3/28/2018

Finalize API Endpoint Implementations for:

  • boards
  • categories
  • calendar events
  • files
  • time tracking


Getting Started

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